CSR at Bluebird

We believe that Bluebird as a company, and together as a team, can make a difference by taking responsibility for our impact on society, the environment and the economy. At Bluebird we aim to always look at things from a greater perspective – beyond the individual and our organisation.

Core values

  • Focus on the people and the rest will follow
  • Respect data and make human intelligent decisions
  • We take it from great to extraordinary
  • Passion drives us forward
  • We celebrate success and learn from failures
  • Curiosity and innovation keep us relevant
  • We play as a team and play it fair


At Bluebird we make no difference between people. We believe that diversity enriches our workplace, widens our perspectives, gives us valuable insights and is a great strength. At Bluebird all talents are offered opportunities for personal and professional development to reach their full potential. 

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy to racism, bullying, discrimination and abusive behaviour
  • We offer flexible solutions that promotes a healthy work life
  • We encourage shared participation in childcare
  • We give women and men equal opportunities to rise to leadership positions. 
  • We offer education, training and long term plans for developments to all employees


We believe in working together with our partners aiming to create long term and sustainable partnerships that are beneficial for both parties. 

  • We listen to our partners to understand and meet their needs.
  • We strive to develop new ideas and continuously improve the way we do business
  • Together we aim to achieve positive results for each other and our partners
  • We believe in win-win solutions in all kinds of partnerships we enter
  • We are fair and honest with our partners


We believe that making conscious decisions and taking responsibility for the impact we have on the environment will not only benefit the society, but also Bluebird and our team.

  • We recycle everything possible – including electronics and tech products
  • We chose green suppliers or solutions before others – always
  • We base all purchases on the life-cycle of each product
  • We chose to travel to and from meetings on green vehicles and public transportation before other alternatives
  • We chose the most environmentally friendly solution, when an obvious alternative is not available

In addition to above, we also climate compensate once a year via GoClimateNeutral.

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